It is my great pleasure to welcome to this webpage. This is the collection of some very fine thoughts I was able to transform in a little piece of art. Through the tabs above you should be able find an overview of my portfolio, projects worked on, past, current & upcoming events I'm involved in as well as some in-depth sample of some of the most interesting works I've been currently working on.

I hope you enjoy this information.

Please feel free to contact through the section on the right as needed.

All the best,

Ana Clara R. Gouveia

Attempt #2:

RIP *Here laid once a program I've developed for Sustainability Analytics a course taken at Harvard University. The professor gave me a zero on that course though. I think he got a bit mad because my ethical self said No. I can't share what I've learned with you. Despite learning, showing I had learned, he graded me as if I had done nothing. It has been [INSERT VARIABLE] that will have a counter to count the days ever since he hasn't responded to it. PS. The University hasn't responded back either.*